With Halloween upon us, Super Sky Guy and I want to share how to choosing to find your own super.


Growing up, we are often asked “Who do you want to be?” or “What do you want to be?” We are taught to strive to be like our superheroes. But the truth is that we are all already super.  When you see something you enjoy in another person, you can choose to reflect those qualities without trying to be someone else.


You get to honor yourself. Completely. Always.


When you do, you can fully honor others and create the most epic relationships. Because relationships, with yourself and with others, are BUILT. You get to find ways to show your love, support, and acceptance to the important people in your life. Sky gets to experience this in a new way now that he has a girlfriend!


So we are talking about relationships. With yourself. And with others.


Join us on our sushi date now.



Appreciation over expectations! With our kids, our family, our friends, and our romantic relationships. Choose to fully honor and accept yourself and others right now. In this moment. As is. Without stories or parameters. Just let it all go.


It’s so freeing.