You are so unique and amazing!


We all are.


And yet, we tend to assume and compare things in ways that stifle our individual creativity…


You might be holding yourself back from getting what you truly want because of the interpretation you are choosing.


So it’s time to drop the stories. Right now. (All of them.)


Because when you do, you can effortlessly move forward and create awesomeness in you life. And awesome gets to be your norm.


So if it’s not, it is time to got internal!!!


Watch here.


Comparison is the thief of all joy. (And I’ll keep saying it until you fully embrace your infinite awesomeness.)


Instead of comparing, assuming, and interpreting, what if you simply got curious and asked questions?


Why do we think it has to look a certain way? What if it could look however we want it to? (It doesn’t and it can 🙂


So go for it!