Are you an influencer?

Yes! You influence people every day. The way you show up in life is influencing everyone around you. And you get to decide HOW and WHO you want to be in every moment. In the car. At the store. In line. At the movies. EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS.

It’s energetic.

So you can choose to be an influence of love and light and joy. Anywhere. And when you choose love, you raise the frequency of your vibration. And you EXPAND your influence.

It doesn’t matter who or where you are. This is how we rise together.

Watch now.


I really want you to hear this. The energy of you is so sacred.

You get to choose to only receive the energy that serves you.

And you get to choose to emanate positive energy to those around you. To stand as a reminder that all of us and everything is only LOVE.

So, as you move through your day today, I want you to be intentional about the influence you are choosing.