As I’m preparing to shift to my location free lifestyle, (Eeek!) I am feeling really called to share with you a message that came through on one of my trips to the jungle. It’s also something that I’ve touch on before that I want to create more clarity on so that I can assist you in always growing, expanding, and upleveling into more and more awesomeness.


You see, I get asked this alot, “Marci, do you ever experience shit?!??!”


Well… no. Because I don’t see it as shit.


I know that EVERYTHING that shows up for me was created by me, for me, and is there to SERVE me. It’s an opportunity to grow. It is a gift.


So, when I get triggered, this is what I get to do.


Watch now.



The gift really is ALWAYS in the shit. Lean into it. Get curious.


And you get to expand and receive more. But it’s always a choice.