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Sundari, otherwise known as Marci Lock Mentor is a sought-after Wholeness Mentor and Global Change Agent activating Divine Remembrance, Liberation, Abundance & Wholeness Codes all over the Globe. She has worked with global influencers, worldwide game-changing business owners and high producing leaders in living an epic life in all aspects. As well as spoken on stages, hosted Ascension Adventure transformational retreats and experiences world wide and shared these truths with all through her online programs, shows and conversations.

Her specialty and genius is seeing the unseen and how to uncover the hidden programming, belief systems and false limits keeping you from living your life of awesomeness, bliss, and infinite possibility as your daily norm in all areas.

Her coaching and experiences take you to the depths of de-programming and un-learning what is subconsciously sabotaging you, to directly integrating the “How To” shifts and micro alignments to operate in your natural Flow State Consciousness, Activating Dormant DNA & Gene Keys within, cleansing the cells as well as the operating systems of low vibrational programs & energy getting in the way to bring you into your full awareness as the Sovereign Master Creator you are. As this, you can easily manifest and receive the life you absolutely love in fulfillment and joy. The focus goes way beyond the surface-level self-empowerment mumbo jumbo, which is actually keeping you stuck in broken systems, lack and struggle.

Marci’s portfolio of clients includes some of the biggest corporations in the world, and as a part of her personal client family, she mentors individuals who invest up to $1M+ per year to work with her personally. She is passionate about serving the Divine & all of humankind at any level of the journey to their ‘Remembrance,’ resulting in living a life of fulfillment, peace, abundance, awesomeness & joy in ALL areas and aspects.

Marci shares these truths and the integration of them through her online coaching products and programs, and leading a community through the step by steps integration of these programs in “The Best Life Tribe” community. As well as through her corporate programs, masterminds, personal coaching, and her hands-on experiential events and retreats; which include The Ascension Adventures Series, Remembrance Retreats, Goddess Revolution Experience, as well as through her appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements, books and TV.

Where to start with creating and living a High Vibe Life of Awesomeness as a reflection of the Wholeness you truly are?

We ultimately suggest you check out the Best Life Tribe Community where she serves the community by getting access to her through questions, open mic conversations, and shares bonus trainings all the time.

Catch her show “The Awakened Being” Conversations To Create Change, on Patrion to experience the level of depth, understanding and integration that just one show and conversation can bring to your life experience and remembrance of all you are.

As Sundari is traveling the world on a Global Citizen Journey, serving wherever she feels called, you might be able to catch her in a town near you. Check the events page to see if she is hosting any experiences wherever she drops in for Activation and Transformation and see what Retreats are coming up.

Ready for your breakthrough to your epic life?